Strategic Investments

The principle of long term investments to Dong Yuan is the best combination of right timing, right place and right people. That means Dong Yuan will invest in companies as a long term investor if the corporate philosophy and management team are recognized in the right timing to complement each other with its strengths and to achieve win-win situations with maximum synergies.

Reference case: Investments and restructuring

Dong Yuan invested in the luxury brand「源Blanc de Chine」to develop the array of the apparel businesses, from design, production to retail operations together.

Dong Yuan recognized the corporate philosophy of 「源Blanc de Chine」 who were looking for potential investors when Dong Yuan first got in touch with「源Blanc de Chine」. In addition, the management teams of both parties share the same intention of cooperation. All the above matched with the principles of Dong Yuan’s long term investments criteria.

Dong Yuan not only provided funding, but also recruited experienced management team to restructure 「源Blanc de Chine」with an effective management approaches. Working together with the original management team, Dong Yuan targets to foster 「源Blanc de Chine」to be the best international Chinese luxury brand.



Since its establishment, Dong Yuan provided tailor-made consulting services to many Fortune Global 500 companies in Asia accordingly to their respective issues and needs through Dong Yuan’s extensive networks and experiences in different countries.

Dong Yuan provides consulting and advisory services, aiming to build a bridge among the companies in China and Asia Pacific regions and to foster effective communication and strategic cooperation among different cultures to ultimately achieve a win-win situation for all of us.

Financial Services

In the financial area, the main business directions of Dong Yuan are transnational IPO and M&A.


Dong Yuan explores needs in different areas of the markets and actively build up our own logistic networks by consolidating and analyzing information gathered via different affiliates.

Reference case: Oil shipping

Dong Yuan works closely with the Chinese major oil companies and world’s leading fleet owners to import crude oil into China.



Dong Yuan develops different trading businesses through its extensive networks to provide trading platforms which maximize mutual benefits.

Reference case; Oil trading

With the recognitions from China’s oil majors and the close relationships with world’s main oil trading houses, Dong Yuan has successfully developed its oil trading business.

Reference case: Natural gas

Dong Yuan is cooperating with Chinese Natural Gas partners to sell compressed natural gas in China and is enthusiastic in exploring businesses in the domestic natural gas pipeline transportation, liquefy plant and terminal of LNG in China.


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